Safety First

For your safety please attend to the following while cleaning is taking place.

• Keep a safe distance during cleaning.
• Remove all vehicles from the vicinity.
• Keep children and pets inside.
• Be aware that there will be cables and hoses on the ground so as to avoid tripping.
• Wet surfaces may be slippery.
• Please inform visitors to your property that cleaning is taking place.
Information for customers.
•   The operation of washing machines and dishwashers or any appliances that use mains water may be adversely affected during cleaning as the cleaning machine needs a steady feed from the mains water supply for the duration of the cleaning process
• Spray and sand particles may land on surfaces such as windows and doors and on plants and garden furnishings depending on the cleaning tool being used.
• If connecting to an inside tap it is the customers responsibility to monitor that the connection is not leaking into the property.
• Please inform the operator if there are any problems with drainage from your property or of any likelihood that water may penetrate door or window seals or drain onto a neighbouring property. Application of sealants or sand stabilizers may affect the drainage properties of the surface.
• Pressure washing usually does not harm your paving but rarely some damage may occur. Sometimes pointing may be dislodged. Tarmac should only be pressure washed if in good order as high pressure water jets erode the surface.
• Pressure washing has been associated with subsidence of paving in areas that are susceptible. It is a very rare complication.
•   Please avoid allowing very heavy vehicles onto block paved areas until re-sanding is complete (if contracted).
• Some forms of staining cannot be removed.(oils particularly can be difficult)
• Chemicals may be used to help remove some stains. Please indicate if you would prefer no chemicals.
• The cleaning process will remove weeds and grass from paving but these may return over time. Treatment with an appropriate weed killer and keybond will reduce this possibility.

Please be aware of the above possibilities and that we accept no responsibility should they occur and that cleaning will take place entirely at the customers own risk.

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