A bit about WDC

Wesham Driveway Cleaning

Based in Wesham near Kirkham, close to the M55 we have great access to all areas of Lancashire. 

We offer our services across domestic and commercial industries. 

Using powerful industrial equipment no job is too big or too small. 

We like to understand the customers needs and expectations to allow us to work alongside you in gaining the best possible results from your property.​

We work across a range of surfaces from the floor reaching to your guttering. 

In time, exterior surfaces take a beating from the weather meaning surfaces inevitably

are open to mold, moss, algae and over growth. 

Naturally the colours and materials will start to deteriorate then combined with tyres, exhaust fumes, 

oils and much more finds its self deeply absorbed by the surface.

If you have an old or fairly new surface that needs some attention 

Wesham Driveway Cleaning can help.​

We can assist with pressure washing or soft washing the below and more:




Gutter Cleaning


Walls & Brick

Fascia Boards

Liability Insurance provided by https://www.gleaminginsurance.co.uk/